Gourmet Panini Sandwich Menu

Made Fresh To Order and Served Hot or Cold - Starting at $10.99

Chipotle Chicken - Chipotle Chicken, chipotle mayonnaise, jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, pepper jack cheese on ciabatta bread.

Sausalito ‐ Sausalito turkey, chipotle mayonnaise, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, pepper jack cheese on focaccia bread.

Pepper Turkey ‐ Pepper Turkey, Mayonnaise, Mendocino mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, pepper jack cheese on focaccia bread.

Cuban ‐ Pork loin, ham, Swiss cheese, garlic mayonnaise, Mendocino mustard, pickles on ciabatta bread.

Black Forest ‐ Black forest ham, gruyere cheese, garlic mayonnaise, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes on ciabatta bread.

Tuscany ‐ Balsamic glaze, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, olive oil on ciabatta bread.

Tuscan Turkey ‐ Herb turkey, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella, balsamic glaze on ciabatta bread.

Artichoke Pesto ‐ Artichokes, pesto, tomatoes, mozzarella on focaccia bread.

Pesto Turkey ‐ Herb turkey, bleu cheese, pesto aioli, tomatoes on focaccia bread.

Cosmopolitan ‐ Herb Turkey, brie cheese, mayonnaise, Mendocino mustard, spinach on focaccia bread.

Greek Turkey ‐ Herb turkey, feta cheese, pesto, pepperoncini, roasted red peppers on focaccia bread.

Renaissance Bob ‐ Herb turkey, salami, garlic mayonnaise, pepperoncini, pepper jack cheese on focaccia bread.

Gourmet Chicken ‐ Oven roasted chicken breast, garlic mayonnaise, sun dried tomatoes, provolone cheese on focaccia bread.

Chicken Apple ‐ Oven roasted chicken, brie cheese, mayonnaise, balsamic glaze, sliced apples, spring mix on focaccia bread.

Garlic Chicken ‐ Oven roasted chicken, pesto, tomatoes, onions, jack cheese, on ciabatta bread.

Maple Turkey ‐ Maple turkey, brie cheese, garlic mayonnaise, sun dried tomatoes, spring mix on focaccia bread.

Pork Loin ‐ Pork Loin, pepper jack cheese, garlic mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, onions on focaccia bread.

Maple Ham ‐ Maple Ham, brie cheese, garlic mayonnaise, sun dried tomatoes, spring mix, on focaccia bread.

Sonoma Capri ‐ Prosciutto, balsamic glaze, olive oil, basil, mozzarella on a seeded baguette.

Italian ‐ Mortadella, ham, salami, balsamic glaze, olive oil, provolone cheese, on a seeded baguette.

Ruben ‐ Pastrami, Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese on rye bread.

Cajun Turkey ‐ Cajun turkey, chipotle mayonnaise, green onions, bacon, smoked cheddar on focaccia bread.

Spicy Roast Beef ‐ Roast beef, horseradish mayonnaise, horseradish cheese, bacon, onions, jalapenos on focaccia bread .